Hi Readers,
I have been very busy implementing a marketing campaign for my small business Stanton Adams Consulting, LLC.  As a small business owner who works from home I find myself working almost 24 hours a day.
I have been so busy that I had to hire two High School Students as Interns for the summer.  Of course they where practically family so I didn’t have to pay too much for their help.  Always remeber that you get what you pay for when it comes to help so don’t skimp on help it could cost you more time and money then it’s worth.
As a way to grow our business my business partner Cecilia Stanton and I have begain a social media campaign.  You can now like our facebook page Stanton Adams LLC (Click the link) you can also find us on twitter @stantonadamsllc
It was a great opportunity for them and for me. When you have a small business it becomes a part of your DNA and it’s important to pull yourself away from your desk sometimes and enjoy the fruits of your labor.  I will be back soon with another post. Until then tell me what your doing to build your brand internet presence.
Business Growth is within your organizations reach.  Start with Stanton Adams Consulting http://www.stantonadams.com
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