A letter From the Editor
Melissa Adams
Dear Reader,                                                                                                                                                   March 21, 2012
As an Operations Manager with over ten years of experience, I possess great leadership skills, yet I am also an excellent team player.  I have successfully planned and directed the business operations of public and private sector organizations.  As an experienced manager, there are several key strengths that qualify me as a business development consultant:
        My consulting style focuses on marketing and the product development of my clients. Helping them produce quality products and form marketing stratigies is what I live for.  My techniques have improved product design, built customer relationships, employee morale and daily sales, all while remaining within budget.   My consulting style focuses on customer retention, customer satisfaction, and goal setting.
     I have successfully created marketing campaigns that sought out the best customers, many of whom came from diverse backgrounds, and communities.  My workshops have generated top of the line sales and customer service representatives.  Having managed hundreds of employees allows me to be flexible, facilitative, focused and a fast learner.  I not only adapt well to change but I consider myself an agent of change.  I would like to help others learn to adapt to change.
Over the last ten years I’ve focused on learning as much as I can about sales and marketing along with business developmen.  Designing and refining processes and researching market trends is what I love to do.  I look forward to learning more about you and what you think it takes to own and operate a profitable business.  I would like for this site to be a forum for discussion so please leave a comment.
Melissa Adams
If you interested in learning more about Melissa Adams and Cecilia Stanton of Stanton Adams Consulting Click Here
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